Cute Animal Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves

Cute Animal Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves

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1 x Cute Animal Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves


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Cute Animal Capacitive Touch Screen Gloves



The Capacitive Touch-Screen Gloves are a great accessory in colder climates. Modern touchscreen devices work on the principle of the conductive property of our body and hence need to feel the heat of our body to make the screens work. Normal gloves are a hindrance to this as they create an insulating layer.

The functional glove fingertips are made from natural wool which makes them capacitive, whilst still warm. The rest of the glove is made from a fuzzy cotton-based material, and feature a cute stand-out panda, giving them a certain novelty and stylishness.

The gloves are compatible even when using screen protectors. These cosy, warm and soft gloves are really easy to use and do not lose their conductive property on washing!

The capacitive gloves work with touch screen devices like Apple iPhones / iPads / Samsung Galaxy Tabs & Mobiles Plus many more brands.

There are four styles as pictured  and are sent randomly per order.

Note in multi orders you may get same or fewer models subject to availability.


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