90 Degree Charging Cable Micro USB

90 Degree Charging Cable Micro USB

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1M, 2M and 3M 90 Degree Charging Cable Micro USB


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Planet of Accessories
90 Degree Charging Cable Micro USB


Planet Of Accessories 8 Pin Strong Braided Fabric Sync Data Charging Cable has an extremely tough and kink resistant braided nylon sheath that is 3m long. This cable is very durable and abrasion-resistant that makes it highly resistant to day-to-day punishment. This strong fabric braided nylon 8Pin sync data charging cable helps in transferring data from one device to another and also acts as a charger. The braided fabric around the 8Pin gives it a solid composite structure unlike non-interlaced strands providing ample robustness. It is portable and can be bend or entwined, easily. It has a highly accurate mold of connectors that can make perfect connections. You can use it with Keyboard & Mouse that is compatible with the Micro USB. This cable is easy to use as it is a plug and play compatible cable. Data transmission is very smooth and stable with this strong fabric braided nylon Micro USB sync data charging cable. It also serves as an energy-efficient charging cable and is able to provide a unique charging solution with the capability to fit different devices with 8Pin Port. This fabulously finished Nylon Braided Cable comes to you in an appealing and vibrant color range of ten colors. So go ahead and enjoy high-speed charging or access to your favorite music, videos, photographs, and transfer and sync documents on any device, anywhere.

This cable is designed to be used with any Apple Approved or CE Approved plugged into a 5V 1A output mains adapter for phones, or 10V/2A output mains adapter.

Planet Of Accessories Micro USB 

Safety Note: 

  • Remove the cable from your device immediately once the charge is completed. 
  • DO NOT OVERCHARGE. Ensure the battery is full before removing cable to prevent the risk of draining the battery.

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